Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Cordero Situation 

The S-T today has a piece on the Francisco Cordero situation, with the Rangers satisfied with where Cordero is after he yesterday threw to hitters for the first time this spring.

Cordero had had some shoulder problems that had sidelined him earlier in camp, but the reviews from yesterday's session -- where he threw 24 pitches to four minor leaguers -- were positive. Orel Hershiser is indicating that he should be ready to start the season.

The Cordero situation is huge, of course. The biggest reason that the Rangers won 89 games last season was the performance from their bullpen, which was one of the best in baseball last year. Cordero, of course, was the best reliever in the best pen in baseball, and with both him and Frankie Francisco on the shelf early this spring, there has been ample cause for concern about the state of the pen come Opening Day.

Francisco is apparently a couple of days behind Cordero, but is progressing, and the team sounds optimistic that they will both be ready to go. I certainly hope they are right...

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