Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Delgado saga just won't die... 

Controversy has now erupted around Carlos Delgado, as he and his agent, David Sloane, are accused of stirring up problems with Met management, in the aftermath of the Mets' failed attempts to get Delgado to come to New York.

Delgado, of course, was wooed by the Rangers, apparently shopped their offer to get a better deal from the Marlins, and then got involved in a public pissing match with Ranger management over whether or not the Rangers monkeywrenched the deal by backpeddling on an agreement to let Delgado play first base, rather than DH.

In the case of the Mets, Sloane and Delgado are apparently bent out of shape that G.M. Omar Minaya and assistant Tony Bernazard "approached Delgado as a fellow Latino, instead of, first, as a man."

I still would rather have Delgado here as the DH instead of Dellucci/Colbrunn, but this whole thing has gotten pretty bizarre.

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