Friday, March 25, 2005

A few Friday morning notes 

From the S-T today...

Astacio missed his start today, with a strained groin, but apparently is still going to make the rotation, although the Rangers are hedging their bets by leaving open the possibility that he'll start a minor league game instead of a major league game in his next start, which would allow him to go on the D.L. retroactively. I'd still rather see them cut bait with Astacio, and go with RicRod and Young in the rotation, but that looks exceedingly unlikely...

After all the hit batters the other day, things are apparently getting increasingly pissy between the Rangers and A's, with Ranger bench coach Don Wakamatsu and A's manager Ken Macha getting into a yelling match before yesterday's game, and a dispute arising over where the Rangers were taking BP. With the whole Bueno/Francisco fiasco last year, and the fallout from that, along with the all the games that will be played between the two teams this season, the Texas/Oakland dynamic is primed for a real rivalry to develop, something we haven't had for quite some time. I wouldn't mind at all, seeing some bad blood develop between the two teams...it would make the coming season a lot more interesting...

Finally, Frankie Francisco is apparently going to start the season on the D.L. This would seem to open up a spot for Joaquin Benoit, if he's healthy, Erasmo Ramirez, or the loser of the Chris Young/Ricardo Rodriguez battle for the last spot in the rotation. Montero, Bukvich and Hughes are all on the 40 man roster, but if any of them -- particularly Montero or Hughes -- are pitching in other than an emergency situation, there's a huge problem.

Well by virtue of only having a 4 team division, all of whom have in the past two years played meaningful games in September, it's pretty easy for there to be some antipathy between a fan of one team and the other three teams. I'm not sure I like how this one seems to be getting started though. A player attacking a fan is a good source of hatred, but I'd just as soon that rivalries be of the on-field variety.

Haven't you ever just looked at a Yankees-Red Sox argument and felt that what the world really needed was a long-range slapping device?
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