Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Galloway with Ranger notes 

Galloway's Ranger column today is a collection of Rangers notes...particular items of interest...

He says that Hicks was unhappy about Teixeira's comments over the weekend, about the team needing to step up and spend money like a big-market club. He also says that there is a significant group of players who are not happy about the fact that the team did virtually nothing to upgrade this offseason.

Both items aren't terribly surprising, and are, if anything, encouraging...Hicks doesn't care about what the fans think, and I doubt that he cares much about what the players think, but grouchiness from within about the budget certainly can't hurt.

Galloway also says that the Rangers are looking to make a trade for a starting pitcher immediately, rather than waiting until the end of the spring, and are offering prospects that were previously thought to be untouchable. That's a scary thought, and brings to mind the deals that haunted Hart in Cleveland (Sexson for Wickman, Giles for Rincon). The guys who I'd think are being shopped are Kinsler (who has impressed, but still seems to be behind Arias), Hudgins (a Fuson-type pitcher, not a Hart-type flamethrower), and Danks (struggled after being promoted to high-A last year, which may have the organization concerned that he's not going to be able to be fast-tracked, and has the pedigree to bring a nice return). The problem is, there's not much out there in the way of starting pitching that is going to represent much of a significant impact.

I'm afraid we're going to see Kinsler and Hudgins flipped for some run-of-the-mill #3/#4 starter, due to the team's misguided notion that they are a starter away from being a legitimate playoff contender. That would be a huge mistake...I hope that the team is just kicking tires, and isn't seriously pursuing this.

Galloway also says that Soriano's trade value is "zero", according to several sources. I'm not surprised. As I've said before, I think the Rangers have waited too long to try to deal Soriano. His hamstring issues and Kinsler's play this spring are simply eating away at what leverage the Rangers have...the time to deal him was last spring or summer, not now, and ultimately, I think the Rangers (and us fans) are going to be very disappointed in what Soriano brings, if they can even deal him.

One of my favorite young prospects who I'd hate to see go is Adrian Gonzales. He proved, in the early part of last season when Texeira was on the DL, that he can hit at the Major League level, and will most likely be the best defensive first baseman seen round these parts.

That beings said, despite Texeira's willingness to move to the outfield to make from for Delgado during the off-season, the front office made it clear they wouldn't be open to that option. That leaves a player like Gonzales little future in this organization.

I'm not saying that he alone would bring a quality starter, but he could certainly be used in combination, and would be attractive in a package which included Kinsler or Arias.
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