Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Jered Weaver situation 

Angel G.M. Bill Stoneman says that the Angels have cut off negotiations with first round pick Jered Weaver, and that he anticipates Weaver re-entering the 2005 draft in June.

This probably means that they'll reach a deal in 48-72 hours, much like Justin Verlander and the Tigers, when Detroit announced a deal had been reached two days after they said negotiations were over and they had given up.

It would be something of a blow to Anaheim if they didn't get Weaver, who was considered the top player in the 2004 draft. He dropped precipitously because of concerns about signability, with agent Scott Boras demanding a package similar to what former USC star and current Cub ace Mark Prior got coming out of college.

The problem is, no one thinks Weaver is a Prior-esque talent...including, apparently, Anaheim, as they've refused to go to more than a $4 million signing bonus on a minor league deal, or $5.25 million over five years on a major league deal.

Still, it is only money, something Arte Moreno seems willing to spend in copious amounts right now, so I'd be a little surprised if a deal doesn't get worked out.

How many years has Moreno been at it? Perhaps, he's following the Hicksian spending curve--drunken sailer early, then slowly sobering spindthrift.

In this sense, Moreno/Stoneman are treating baseball like a business. You can't let one financial partner keep taking advantage of you over and over again. Sooner or later, you have to cut them off. Even if it hurts a bit all at once, the slow drain is worse in the long term.

I don't know if this works in baseball though. The potential loss of talent is almost always worth the expense.

I'm not as upset about the Rangers losing money on Patrick Boyd as I was about them not making up the difference to Barry Zito.
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