Friday, March 11, 2005

More problems for Dominguez 

Juan Dominguez was yanked early from his outing today, despite reportedly throwing fairly well, apparently for a couple of mental errors -- a bad pickoff throw and failing to backup home plate on a run-scoring single.

And so continues the saga of the third of the three young rotation candidates. Dominguez has a better arm than either Ricardo Rodriguez or Chris Young, but seems to have alienated the coaching staff with his attitude and his lack of focus. Buck seems to have little patience with these sorts of headcases, and these sorts of episodes lead me to believe Dominguez is going to be gone soon.

And speaking of headcases who will be gone soon, Soriano was hitless again today, bringing him to 0 for 16 for the spring. He also made an error and, according to Grant, was tentative on a couple of balls hit towards him that went for singles. Showalter continues to claim that Soriano will be ready, although whether that is wishful thinking or trying to prop up Soriano's trade value, I'm not sure.

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