Friday, March 18, 2005

More thrilling Ranger news 

Evan Grant says this morning that "R.A. Dickey hasn't been counted out" for the 5th starter job...

So we could have a rotation to start the season of Rogers, Drese, the Ho, Astacio, and Dickey, while Juan Dominguez, Chris Young, and Ricardo Rodriguez -- the young pitchers who might actually contribute to a Ranger playoff team in a couple of years -- head back to AAA.

"The Ho" as you call him looks pretty good right now, from everything I have read. I would astonished if Texas didn't go with Chris Young in #5. I think he's going to be a great #2 someday. The rotation next year could be pretty awesome if you think about it. Drese might win 16-18 games by then.

I'm pegging The Ho for 13 wins this year. If he does that, he'll make up for Rogers going 11-12. Drese gets 15 wins.

Rangers are a bit better than last year if bullpen remains in tact.
If the Ho finally comes around, fine, although late. Dickey would be a bad choice. He can get through a lineup once. That makes him a short service starter, stressing the pen (unless a Dickey and Benoit tandem is used). Much rather see Young, with RicRod the first callup.
I cannot be optimistic about the Ho.

I've been burned a couple of times now, thinking that he was going to be serviceable.
Maybe Ho can pitch all his games at Safeco field
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