Saturday, March 26, 2005

On Torres, Nix and the centerfield situation 

I did a lengthy post this morning inspired by the S-T article by T.R. Sullivan indicating that Andres Torres had forced himself into contention for the 4th outfielder/CF platoon role.

But then Blogger ate it, and it disappeared...but the Cliff Note's version...

1) While my initial reaction was that Buck and Hart were overreacting to a strong spring by Torres, having looked at it more closely, I think it is a worthwhile idea.

2) Torres' minor league performance suggest he can be a Gary Pettis-lite type player, a guy who will give you zero power, but defense, speed, and enough walks to make his OBP respectable. And that is something that has value, given the makeup of the Ranger roster.

3) Nix maybe should have been in AAA last year, and he might be better served by going back down and playing every day and getting his offense going, rather than continuing to struggle in the majors.

4) If the Rangers could flip Matthews for something of value, and keep Torres as the 4th outfielder instead, I think that would be a smart move.

Agreed. But it would be better to flip Delucci than Matthews. Rather have the switch hitter and better defender.
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