Friday, March 11, 2005

Rangers and revenue sharing 

Thanks to Mark Holden for pointing out this Jayson Stark column on revenue sharing.

According to Stark, the Rangers are going to get $8 million from revenue sharing this year. They are also getting $20 million from the national TV deal, $4 million from the new XM radio deal, and between $6-8 million from major league baseball's "central fund". Add the $2.5 million the Rangers get from the Ameriquest Field naming rights, and the Rangers are getting a little over $40 million, guaranteed, without selling a single ticket or concession, and without taking into account any of the local media revenue (and the Rangers have a pretty lucrative local TV & radio deal).

To put this into perspective, if you take away Chan Ho Park (and goodness knows Hicks wishes somebody would), the payroll for the rest of the Rangers' roster comes in at about $40 million...less than the guaranteed money Hicks gets from MLB and the naming rights to TBIA.

Just in case anyone out there still believes Hicks' cries of poverty...the fact that this team -- a large market team -- is limping along at a $53 million payroll is an embarrassment. Hicks needs to sell the club.

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