Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Reeves on Soriano 

Jim Reeves with a column on Soriano today...

He's defending Soriano, claiming not to know what all the fuss is about, but his basis for thinking that Soriano is going to produce this year is 1) Mike Young thinks he's fine, 2) he's a high pick in a lot of fantasy drafts, and 3) he hit .280 with 28 homers last season.

I've already expressed my opinion on Soriano, and I'm not going to re-hash it here, but this is a really superficial look at the Soriano problem.

If you look at his home/away splits, you will see that Soriano is a much better hitter at TBIA, though he did more homers on the road. When evaluating last year's performance, it would have been better had he provided park adjusted numbers, though I have no idea as where to find them. What a worthless article; its only redeeming value is the fact that Showalter is contemplating putting Soriano on the DL to start the season.
Don't forget that Reeves supports his theory that Sori's offense is wonderful with Sori's hr's and SB's over the past 4 years and that he is the best offensive 2b in the game (arguably, a position weaker than catcher).

He also criticizes Sori's defense, which, surprisingly, is a debate which has generated at least 10 pages at Jamey's site.

Go Hooks!
According to the official game story today, "Soriano was stretched out on his stomach on the clubhouse floor, an ice bag wrapped around his sore right hamstring, after being replaced in the fifth."

Have we ever heard more about why the hell he isn't healthy yet? Does management think it's his fault for not rehabbing it properly? I *so* don't like the looks of this.
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