Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The rites of spring 

If it is spring training, and news is slow, then it must be time for the annual article on how the Rangers want to run more this year.

The surprising thing is that it ran this year before the annual "we're going to focus more on defense" article, that talks about how much more time is being spent this spring on fundamentals and hitting the cutoff man.

We also have a potential winner for this spring's best "Unintentional Comedy" quote...from John Hart, on waiver claim Ruddy Yan...

"Yan could really develop into something," Rangers general manager John Hart said.

Yan is 23, and coming off a season where he posted a 653 OPS in AA. This is after a 639 OPS in high-A in 2003, and a 630 OPS in high-A in 2002. He's supposedly attractive to Hart because of his speed, with 164 steals in 2002 and 2003, but in 2004 he only stole 35 bases with a poor 65% success rate.

Comments like that sort of make me wonder if John Hart is simply passive-aggressively taking out his frustration with the press by simply lying to them, making ridiculous statements to them just to see if they actually get printed.

On the other hand, he also thought Agustin Montero was worthy of a 40 man roster spot, so who knows...he may be serious...

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