Monday, March 21, 2005

Rosenthal's 2005 A.L. predictions 

Ken Rosenthal offers his 2005 A.L. predictions...

Mark Teixeira is his pick for home run champ, and Alfonso Soriano the biggest name to be traded before 7/31. Both of those are quite reasonable choices...

The weird choice, to me, was Matt Clement as free agent bust of the year. Clement seemed to be one of the better signings this offseason...with Jaret Wright, Troy Percival, Magglio Ordonez, and Carl Pavano all in the A.L., Clement seems like a pretty far-fetched choice to be the f.a. bust of this season.

Oh, yeah, and some third baseman in New York was his pick for MVP...

uh, what team are the rangers going to trade Soriano to?
would anybody take soriano off waivers?
Soriano will not be traded.
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