Monday, March 07, 2005

Shawn Chacon and the Rangers 

The Denver Post today is reporting that the Rockies are continuing to talk to the Rangers about Shawn Chacon, but that no deal seems likely because there's no agreement on what prospects Chacon is worth.

While I'm a Chacon fan -- I even suggested a few years ago that a Mike Young for Chacon deal would make sense for both teams -- I wouldn't give up much, if anything, of value for him. After being solid, if unspectacular, as a starter from 2001-2003, he was awful as a closer last year, and has been bumped back in the rotation by Colorado. He's making $2.35 million for 2005, and if he isn't non-tendered after the season, he likely will be after 2006, making him a one- or two-year solution.

Ian Kinsler is the guy the Rockies supposedly want in return -- if you recall, he was supposed to go to Colorado with Erik Thompson in exchange for Larry Walker last summer -- but Hart seems dug in on not giving up Kinsler in this deal. Chacon, though, is someone like Pedro Astacio and Sidney Ponson, who the Rangers have seemingly been interested in ever since John Hart got here, so I wouldn't be shocked if something ended up happening with him, if not now, then this summer, if the Rangers stay in the race.

Why the love for Chacon? His numbers, minor and major, don't look all that impressive, and he's never achieved the good walk or SO ratios in the bigs that he did in the minors.
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