Saturday, March 26, 2005

Slowing down Danks 

The DMN notes column today indicates that John Danks, who has been slowed this spring due to a "slight groin injury", is likely going to end up at high-A Bakersfield to start this season, rather than AA Frisco, as management had hoped.

Frisco already has six candidates for the five rotation spots, although John Hudgins, whom the DMN mentions as one of the candidates, should probably be at AAA anyway.

As for Danks, this may be a blessing in disguise...he was one of the youngest players in the California League last season, and had a rough go of it against high-A batters. John Sickels, for one, mentioned that he thought he had been rushed, and it seems like sticking Danks in AA, less than two years after he graduated from high school, and when he hadn't shown the ability to handle high-A yet, would be moving Danks along way too fast.

Hopefully, Danks can go to Bakersfield, show he can handle the California League, and move up to Frisco sometime in June or July.

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