Monday, March 28, 2005

Soriano to the Rays rumor 

The St. Pete Times today mentions a rumor that the Rangers were willing to talk about parting with Alfonso Soriano in exchange for reliever Danys Baez.

I have a hard time believing there is much merit in that...Baez was acquired by Hart when he was with the Indians, and the Rangers want to dump Soriano, but I think they'd want a bit more in return...

"I think they'd want a bit more in return..." -- Texas or TB?
At this point, I think the Rangers should take what they can get. Neyer made a good point about Soriano in his chat yesterday. He said that Soriano does the two things managers hate to see; strike out a lot and not make the routine plays in the field. Getting bullpen help is a good idea because there have been some minor injuries this Spring, and it would be foolish to think that the bullpen will be almost flawless again this year (don't get me wrong, they will be good).
I'd think Texas would want a bit more in return than Baez. I just don't see him having that much value.

I'm not that high on Soriano, either, of course, but I think if you aren't going to get anything more than Baez in return, you might as well hang onto him and see if he rebuilds some value with a hot start...
I disagree, I think Soriano is great commodity. There aren't many 2B who have his power. He has great speed that isn't being utilized. Despite his strikeouts, he usually has a good average. To get 30/90/.280 and 30 SB from a 2B is great. Soriano for Baez would be highway robbery. A-Rod for Soriano for Baez? I think not, no matter how much money they claim to have saved.
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