Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sullivan on Laird 

T.R. Sullivan has a piece on Gerald Laird today in the S-T.

Not surprisingly, Laird talks about how he's had to deal with the frustration of knowing he was heading back to AAA, after winning the job last season in spring training. Apparently, management is a little happier with his attitude over the past two weeks and the way his coming to terms with it.

Interestingly, Sullivan flat-out says that Laird had no chance of winning the starting catching job this spring, something that I had suspected was the case, given the statements made by John Hart this winter.

I still strongly believe that the organization has handled this situation very poorly...but hopefully, Laird will get his starting spot back soon enough...

I think having Barajas behind the plate is a good thing because he was part of the success of the bullpen. he called some good pitches. Laird is still young and will have his chance.
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