Friday, March 18, 2005

Sullivan's Barajas piece 

A depressing article from T.R. Sullivan today, celebrating Rod Barajas's "defense, clutch hitting and leadership," and claiming he's "entrenched" at starting catcher for the Rangers, while Laird is heading back to AAA.

Barajas is a sub-par defensive catcher, and he can't hit, in the clutch or otherwise. I can't speak to his leadership, but I have a hard time believing it makes him for the fact that he isn't a good player.

Could Laird really have fallen out of favor with the upper management that much by not going to play winter ball? Looks to me like it was the right decision because of how well he is hitting the ball in spring. I give Barajas 2 months till he doesnt hit and they bring up Laird and start playing him.
Laird is still the catcher of the future. Barajas won't last too long and Laird will hit his .275/.355/.460 at OKC and be up by July.

Laird won't ever be a great catcher but better than average in all elements of the game.

At this stage in their careers, Barajas is in peak form. There's really no reason to think he's going to be peak for 3 more months. (Especially defensively)
I don't think Laird's the catcher of the future. I think Nickeas is.

My gut feeling is that Laird gets dealt sometime in the next few months, and Barajas will be used to hold down the spot until Nickeas is deemed ready, probably sometime in 2007.
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