Sunday, March 20, 2005

Why Soriano shouldn't DH 

It has been suggested that, given the trainwreck which is Alfonso Soriano in the field -- especially this spring, with his hamstring giving him fits -- the Rangers should make him a full-time DH.

There's a problem with that, though.

Here are Alfonso Soriano's splits last season.

Against righthanders, he hit .284/.319/.471. He's hit .283/.317/.493 against righties for his career.

If the Rangers go with a platoon at DH in 2005, David Dellucci is going be the lefthanded part of the platoon.

Against righties last season, David Dellucci hit .254/.354/.472. For his career, Dellucci has hit .272/.352/.441 against righties.

Dellucci, both last season and over the course of his career, is a better hitter against righthanders than Alfonso Soriano is.

So if you are going to have Soriano at DH, he isn't going to play everyday...just against lefties.

Which means we are paying $7.5 million for a guy who will DH about once every three days.

Quite honestly, I'd rather the Rangers release him, pay him the $1.5 million they'd owe him for releasing him before the season, and use the $6 million saved to pay towards Cliff Floyd or Mike Sweeney.

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