Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Woody Woodward and Grady Fuson 

Deposed former Ranger assistant G.M. Grady Fuson has been officially hired in San Diego as assistant to G.M. Kevin Towers.

Meanwhile, to help replace Fuson in the Ranger front office, former Mariner G.M. Woody Woodward has joined the Texas front office.

Suffice it to say, Mariners fans are delighted by this news.

What hidiously bad news. I'm hoping that Woodward's role is as small as possible.

Seriously though -- this is getting completely out of hand. I've never had to deal with rooting for a team with a direction that I disagrred so strongly with.

And the problem is that nothing can be done. The only way this thing is going to change is if this team tanks hard in the next couple of seasons or if Hicks sells the team. Last year's success is coming at a steep price.
Is there a good site for following the Padres? It looks like they'll be my second favorite team now.
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