Sunday, April 03, 2005

A couple of notes 

Evan Grant's DMN article on Nix and Laird being sent down has changed. Laird's quotes show up in Grant's notes article, instead, and are edited so that they are somewhat less inflammatory. Which is good for those who'd like to see Laird back in Texas.

Also, I'm heading out of town -- out of the country, actually -- for my real job tomorrow, so this will probably be the last update between now and the first pitch of Tuesday night's game, unless something big happens tomorrow morning. If all goes well, and my flight back isn't delayed, I'll be back home just in time for the start of the game Tuesday (thank goodness it is a West Coast night game).

But to get a few predictions for the coming season out of the way...

The Rangers will finish 81-81, in third place, behind Anaheim and Oakland.

St. Louis and Boston will return to the World Series, with St. Louis winning in 7.

Barajas will be a bust.

So will Pedro Astacio.

The Ho will be released by June 1.

Laynce Nix will be back in the majors by July 1.

Soriano will be dealt by July 15, and Ian Kinsler will be called up the day Soriano is traded to take over at second base.

Hidalgo will be dealt by August 1.

Mark Teixeira will move to right field to replace Hidalgo, with Gonzalez going to first base and Jason Botts taking over as DH.

Drew Meyer will put himself back on the map as a legitimate prospect.

So will Will Smith.

Mike Young will be referred to as the most underrated player in baseball on Baseball Tonight at least 75 times.

Kevin Mench will do something goofy that pisses off Buck.

Joaquin Benoit will revive his career as a setup man for the Brewers.

Holy cow !! What a list ... so extensive. Is your out of the country job putting you at risk? It sounds like you don't think you are really coming back. :) Don't see much to disagree with though. I'd hope Benoit is restored as a Ranger, rather than a Brewer. And I hope the Rangers get either of high season long performance, or high asset values in trade, from Hidalgo. Have a safe trip!
Good stuff. The Benoit note made me chuckle.

Have a good trip.
Buck is now on the same list as Parcells as far as letting young players develop. He doesnt want too. He wants 75 year old players surrounding him. Guess we can tell that Grady was the real push behind the youth movement, and not Hart like they are trying to paint us to believe.
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