Monday, April 11, 2005

Fun with numbers, after a week's worth of games... 

Seven games into the 2005 season...

1 -- The number of games starting left fielder Kevin Mench and starting DH Adrian Gonzalez have both appeared in. A troubling sign, for those of us who'd like to see more Mench and Gonzalez and less Chad Allen and David Dellucci

2 -- Blown saves for Francisco Cordero. He didn't have his second blown save in 2004 until June 20.

3 -- RBIs for Sandy Alomar Jr. on April 9 against the Mariners, matching the total he had last season from the first day of summer through season's end.

4 -- Average number of relievers used, per game, so far this season by the Rangers. Actually, I'm cheating...they've averaged 4.57 per game...

5 -- The number of homers off of lefties by Hank Blalock last season. He has 2 already this season, while posting a 1065 OPS.

6 -- Walks by David Dellucci, against 0 strikeouts, in 14 plate appearances so far this season.

7 -- The number of games into the season we are, less than 5% of the total. There's still a long, long way to go...

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