Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm baffled 

Can someone explain to me why, with a one run lead in the 8th, Nick Regilio was in the game?

Doug Brocail had only thrown 13 pitches. Was he too mentally destroyed by the bad call on the 2-2 pitch, that ended up costing the Rangers two runs, to go back out there?

Could Francisco Cordero not have pitched two innings, particularly since the batters coming up in the 8th were a stronger group than those likely to come up in the 9th?

I don't get it...

All I can say is you can't let a bad call dictate your game.

I don't know what to say about Nick. He was a potential starter...now he's cut-bait.
Well I guess Buck must have had a "hunch" worked out great! =|
Because it is early in the season, you are missing your two set-up guys, and the bullpen has been overworked in the past three games... Why not see what you've got in the pen?

The Rangers started out 1-3 last season too.
The Rangers missed the playoffs last season.
I think that Buck is too conventional when it comes to some aspects of the game. The general theory is that the best reliever (closer) works the ninth because that is when they need him the most. The eigth was much more a critical situation, so Cordero should have pithced. Well, who pitches the ninth; you don't want to overwork him do you? A successful team needs to have a strong enough bullpen that other pitchers can be counted on to close out games. Before you accuse me of a closer by committee, think about it. The ninth was render moot because of the eigth. Realistically, I do not want to knowingly put the burden of victory on the offense. The bullpen outperformed the offense when compared to their counterparts in the AL, and since the bullpen and offense are much the same as last year, why not let the bullpen carry the burden? Did injures force the Rangers to make a less than desireable move? Yes. Bottom line is that Cordero should have pitched the eigth and possibly the ninth.
Chris, they missed the playoffs by two games... let's not go pretending it wasn't a stellar year vs. expectations.

Everyone in the bullpen had pitched in at least 2 games, and the two guys that they had left, Shouse and Dickey, had pitched in every game.

Reggilo was the one who hadn't pitched at all... and it is early in the season.

Hard to tell the team to rely on the bullpen when you are missing your two best set-up guys. This bullpen gets much deeper and much better in about a week with the return of Frankie "the thug" Francisco and Carlos Almanzar.
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