Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Indians sign Hafner to multi-year deal 

The Cleveland Indians have signed Travis Hafner to a 3 year, $7 million contract with a fourth year option for $4.75 million, or a $250,000 buyout.

While Joe Sheehan's article today cautions teams against signing every arb-eligible player to a long-term deal -- and specifically identifies Travis Hafner as a player to avoid locking up -- I think this is a very nice deal for the Indians.

The Indians are committing $6.65 million to Hafner, above and beyond the $377,400 he was already scheduled to make this season. They've bought out two arbitration years for less than he was likely to make in arbitration if he came anywhere in the vicinity of his MVP-caliber performance last year, and can keep him for the 2008 season for just $4.75 million, again, a number that could end up being a very nice bargain.

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