Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mench benched again tonight 

With Paul Byrd going for the Angels, Buck Showalter has apparently decided that Kevin Mench isn't up for the challenge of facing such a tough righthander, and has benched him, with David Dellucci starting in left field.

I've got to say, I am feeling a bit silly now...I actually believed, coming into the season, that Mench and Gonzalez were going to be everyday players. It appears, though, that Buck is committed to getting Dellucci and Allen lots of ABs, which are going to come at the expense of those two players...

Actually Lackey started, not Byrd. Adrian Gonzalez looks like he belongs in Double A and the Angels are once again proving that they are far superior. The Rangers cannot hit with men in scoring position and Chris Young was horrendous. Buckle up, this could be a long season
Dellucci is smoking the ball, how could you possibly be complaining about him being in the lineup right now? And as for Gonzalez, he didn't start the season opener against Colon because Dellucci has huge career numbers against him. In the other games Adrian didn't start, Buck was protecting him against tough left-handed starters (Moyer and Washburn). For someone who is as numbers oriented as you seem to be, I find it quite perplexing you are questioning these moves.
Yeah, don't know why I thought Byrd was going.

Washburn isn't exactly a tough lefty. Nor, for that matter, is Moyer, who was awful last season.

If you are going to bring up Gonzalez and make him the DH, he needs to be starting most of the time. Protecting him against mediocre lefty starters like Washburn and Moyer is just silly. If he's going to sit against 1) pitchers that Dellucci hits well, and 2) lefthanders, then just send him back to AAA where he can play every day, and let Dellucci and Allen platoon at DH.

Or, in the alternative, let Matthews, who has been awful so far this season, or Hidalgo, who is 2 for his last 19, have a day off.
The biggest problem is that Mench should not be benched against any pitcher. He should play every day unless given a day off. He's one of the best 4 or 5 hitters on the team. There is no way he should be getting the bad end of a platoon. He's a better hitter than AG regardless of with which hand a pitcher pitches.

I don't understand why AG is in the majors if this is the way Buck is going to use the OF/DH. Send him down, start Mench every day, and platoon Dellucci with Allen if that makes you happy. Just please do not give the best hitter out of all of them the least amount of at bats. This is the beginning of last season all over again. I thought Mench had proven to Buck's satisfaction that he was an everyday player. Bizzare.
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