Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mench sitting again today 

With righty Gil Meche pitching today, the Rangers are going with Adrian Gonzalez at DH and David Dellucci in left field, with Kevin Mench on the bench.

There was some question as to how the outfield/DH mix would shake out, with six players for four slots. I (and others) thought Dellucci would be the odd man out. But instead, through six games, Matthews and Hidalgo have started every game, Mench has started four, Dellucci and Gonzalez have started three apiece, and Chad Allen has started two.

Gonzalez making the team instead of Colbrunn may end up costing Mench some starts, as Buck appears to be willing to let Mench sit to get Dellucci some more ABs. This is unfortunate, if it continues.

Mench sitting instead of Matthews is also somewhat odd...with Drese, the extreme sinkerballer, on the mound, this would seem to be the spot in the rotation where you'd give Matthews a day off, particularly since Matthews has been awful at the plate thusfar. But he's out there again, suggesting that, with no "true" backup centerfielder on the roster, Matthews is going to have to play the ironman out there.

I agree. Mench should've started in CF at Matthews' expense.
Well, who hit the winner today? Mench needs to step up when he is in the lineup. I don't feel sorry for him. I love Kevin Mench and all, but it;s all about who is going to make a play. David did not strike out the entire game and got some walks on his ABs.
Can Mench even play CF? I don't ever recall him at that position.
This is not about Dellucci, it is about Matthews. He should have sat with Mench in the game. Matthews will be called upon to play CF for the lion's share of the games until Nix get's called up. Give the man a day off every now and then, especially when Dreese is on the mound.
As of now, i think having flexibily in the outfield is good. All batters are doing well. GMJr, Dellucci, Hildalgo are doing fine, Mench has played CF before when he was a rookie.
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