Saturday, April 02, 2005

Nix makes the big club 

Despite rumblings that he was going to be destined for AAA, Laynce Nix has made the 25 man roster, although whether he'll be platooning with Gary Matthews, Jr., or working as the primary starter is still up in the air.

It never should have gotten to the point where his place on the team was even in doubt, but Nix was abysmal in the second half of the season, and followed that up with a poor spring, which, combined with Andres Torres' strong performance this spring, led some to believe that Nix may be headed to AAA (which he skipped on his way to the majors).

Nix, though, apparently keeps his hold on the centerfield job, while Adrian Gonzalez has won the starting DH role. This, however, puts the Rangers in a situation where David Dellucci is looking at very little playing time...since he's a lefty, like Gonzalez and Nix, he can't really platoon with either of them.

The Rangers would probably be best served dealing Matthews for something, and having Torres as the 5th outfielder, allowing Dellucci to fill the 4th outfielder role.

If anyone looked like they were pulled up from the minors too early, its Nix. Then again, all the raves about him as a prospect due seem to be a little misplaced, as his minor league numbers do seem to put him on the same career path as Kapler and Dellucci. Basicly holding down an outfield job cheaply, then when free agency rolls around, becoming a 4th/5th OF.
Why not send Nix to AAA and platoon Torres and Mathews? Dellucci might get some playing time as well. Nix looks to have a lot of power potential (at least before he ran into the wall last year), but he might need more time to polish his skills in the minors.
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