Saturday, April 02, 2005

On the pen 

In the S-T today, T.R. Sullivan updates the injury situation with the pen. Brian Shouse apparently had a good session yesterday and looks ready to start the season on the active roster, but Erasmo Ramirez is continuing to have problems, meaning he's likely to start the season on the D.L.

With Pedro Astacio starting the season on the D.L. as well, the Rangers have been planning on going with an eight man pen for the first four games, sending one of the relievers down to AAA before game five, when Astacio would be activated. According to Sullivan, Cordero, Almanzar, Brocail, Mahay, and Riley have bullpen slots, and Shouse will be #6. Dickey is listed as just a candidate, but I'd be shocked if he weren't in the pen, which makes seven. That leaves Nick Regilio, Ryan Bukvich, and Vladimir Nunez fighting over the last spot. Nunez has impressed in camp, but Sullivan notes that Nunez is hampered by not being on the 40 man roster, and I doubt the team is going to want to clear a roster spot for Nunez since he's just going to be sent down after four games. Bukvich seems to be the favorite for the last spot, as I would guess management would like to see Regilio in the Oklahoma rotation.

Also, Sullivan indicates that Agustin Montero is the one who will be dropped from the 40 man roster to make room for DeRosa. It is about time...


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