Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Opening Night 

Okay, I'm back in town, and have a few quick thoughts on last night's game...

1) Drese's outing was very encouraging.
2) So was Hank Blalock drawing 3 walks.
3) Mark Teixeira is great.
4) Rod Barajas is not good.
5) Why bother carrying anyone who can hit on the bench, if you are going to let Rod Barajas bat against K-Rod, down a run in the 9th?

So we start the season 0-1, which sucks...but we started 0-2 last year, and lost the first game in a much more unpleasant fashion that this year.

Amen to that (#5) Adam. I was almost getting angry watching Barajas hacking like that. I'm not as down on Barajas as you are but geez....was Buck asleep?
accualy buck was playing with a beach ball in the dugout. They showed a glimps of it on T.V. I was also very dissapointed with that desition, anyone would have been better than rod on the at bat. MArk Texeria was the only reason why Texas was close homering and drinving in the rbi.
How in the H-E-double hockey sticks is Barajas up there leading off the 9th as the tying run? Forgetting that he shouldn't even be the starting catcher, let's just remember this: he's not batting ninth because the '05 Rangers are a modern day version of the '27 Yankees, nor because he offers Buck a "second lead-off" (and while we're on that subject they don't even have a first lead-off). If Buck is so entrenched in this idea that Adrian Gonzalez is to be treated like a hothouse flower, then let Chad Allen bat!
If they had pinch hit barajas and tied it, or even taken over the lead, they would have had to bring in alomar. i don't htink alomar can go into a game whenever he wants. it takes some knee preparation and a good 2 days notice.

Plus, he'll catch chan ho so he needs to rest until then
Well while you guys were watching the game, I was talking to Cox (Our cable provider) about why the Rangers game was not on here in OKC. And they could give me no answer! So tonight is my opening night! I hope Barajas keeps struggling, to prove to Bill Parcells, errrrr I mean Buck, that he should let the young kids play (**cough, Laird, cough Nix**)

In your reference to Nix, he needs some time in AAA, but he had best be back in the lineup sometime this season to see if he can mature as a hitter.
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