Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rangers have the 22nd highest payroll in baseball 

Embarrassing AP piece in the S-T today, showing that the big-market Rangers have a higher payroll than only 8 major league teams right now.

Among the teams with higher payrolls than Texas are such big-market juggernauts as Oakland, San Diego, Detroit, Minnesota, Florida, and Cincinnati.

Oh, and Houston, in the same state as the Rangers, in a smaller media market, with a less lucrative local media deal, has a payroll that is more than $20 million higher than the Rangers'.

But hey, at least Tom Hicks still has his beloved "financial flexibility"...

In terms of translating 2004 revenue into 2005 payroll, the Rangers rank 23rd in baseball, behind such fiscal powerhouses as Cincinatti and Toronto.
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