Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ric Renner on Fox Sports Net 

I'm watching FXSW while waiting for the Ranger game to start...

And Ric Renner showed a graphic of the Rangers starting lineup, that had "Bob Barajas" hitting 9th at catcher.

Great proof-reading, guys...

i just finished watching the Rangers game and all the people that are so mad that the rangers traded ramon nivar for matt riley just got proven wrong, hes 1-0 after this game. he did good, so all you people trying to put down the rangers just wait beofre you speak.
Ric Rennier is an idiot anyway. I wish they'd dump him.
Who exactly is mad that the Rangers traded Ramon Nivar?

And what kind of moron uses 1 game spring training game as "proof" of anything?
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