Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This is brutal 

Now 12-3, Angels.

The radio broadcast hinted that moves could be coming tomorrow with the pitching staff, something that wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I'm guessing Young gets sent down to AAA, with Almanzar activated tomorrow. And I wouldn't be shocked if Frankie Francisco were activated ahead of schedule, with either Dickey or Bukvich going back down, as well.

Dickey has been one of Showalter's pets since Buck got here, a guy Buck has loved because of his perseverence, his character, his heart...all those intangibles that Buck loves so much.

But the guy can't pitch. And at some point, Showalter needs to face facts and move on.

loved barajas' gold glove plays! looking forward to more and more...
Meno, when you do your Buck mind-reading, as in this post, and turn a blind eye to any tangible explanation for management's decisions...that's when you just seem juvenile.

It's getting a little creepy, buddy. Try and at least use some kind of source, even a quote, for arguments about player personnel especially.
Are you really questioning the fact that Dickey is one of Buck's guys?
See the tricky, as I say 'tangible' explanation here is that the bullpen was exhausted tonight. The last several games worked the relievers hard, and none of their performances were the kind of crisp, short outings that preserve their energy.

Tonight, of course, nobody was getting it done. It was a bit of a foregone conclusion that a loss was coming. Under all these circumstances, it made sense for Dickey to take the ball.

Whether he's one of "Buck's guys" is not really clear. I don't really see the relevance either. Just an ad hominem dig, kind of like most negative analysis that doesn't rely on statistics.
I probably wasn't clear, which is what happens when I'm dashing off a quick note rather than sitting and thinking about what I'm saying.

I wasn't questioning putting Dickey into the game yesterday. In a blowout type situation, to save the pen, it makes sense to put him in there.

However, I was questioning whether Dickey is really a major-league caliber pitcher, something I have some doubts about. The question wasn't, why is he in the game, but rather, should he be on the team at all?

Now, one of the things management has talked about it the importance of character, leadership, etc. Buck has been very vocal in his admiration of Dickey. He's one of "Buck's guys", for lack of a better term. As a result, he's going to get more rope than someone like Joaquin Benoit, for example.

My comment was meant to highlight the fact that, while he is one of those guys that management will tend to give the benefit of the doubt to, the point seems to have arrived where he's established that he can't really pitch, and it is time for him to be a Chad Allen or Jason Conti, someone who can be bounced between AAA and the majors as the need arises, rather than a fixture in the pen.
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